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001: Leadership Performance

Peak Performance in Leadership: Maximizing the habits and routines of 7-figure entrepreneurs, business leaders, and world-wide thought-influencers, to generate the lifestyle, habits, and routines that create success. Business Development success cannot last or be sustained without Personal Development success as well. We will work to design, implement, and refine the skills, resources, habits, and routines of highly successful entrepreneurs to generate the same results as those we look up to and idolize. “Become more to achieve more”, we will learn the secrets and shortcuts to affluence without cutting corners and growing in a way that builds a mindset and leader alongside developing a business and business plan/strategy.

002: Location Independent Businesses

Creating a Business You Can Lead from Anywhere in the World: The way of the new-age modern, digital nomad. We will outline the steps and processes it takes to create a service-based or freelance business that can be taken anywhere around the world. Modern digital entrepreneurs boast about their flexibility and financial freedom in their lifestyle generated from their work. In the Location Independent Business Class we will learn the steps to 1. Define the Business of our dreams,  2. Craft a Flexible Business Model that can be built from anywhere around the world,  and 3. Master the Art of Sales and Enrollment. Selling is vital to running a successful business. We will move through all the steps of successfully launching and building a business that will allow students to travel, blend their passions with their skills, and generate an income doing the work that motivates and inspires them.

003: “Doing Well by Doing Good” Business Models

Growing a Business with a Philanthropical Approach: It is not only Non-profit organizations that generate value for others while doing business anymore. Now, a new wave of globally conscious entrepreneurs have learned how to do well in business by “doing good” in the world. The new standard of “doing business” in the modern era is by being able to give or contribute to others and support different cultures, societies and organizations, while generating a successful profit. TOMS Shoes and Wanderer Bracelets® are exemplary models of social good in entrepreneurship. In this course we will outline the steps it takes to design a successful business model that lets individuals craft a longterm business plan with the benefit of the community in mind. Following the structure of how other businesses have successfully grown and scaled their success in the past, we will identify ways to succeed philanthropically in the business world.

004: Modern Entrepreneurship

Exploring Business in the Modern Age: How entrepreneurs can outlive technology and never find themselves or their skills outdated. In the past, services were the base of running small or large businesses. As technology has grown, more and more areas of work have been filled or given to automated machines, computers, and other forms of technology. Now in the Modern “Connected Age” the true security in navigating any career path is being able to adapt ones own personal tool kit of resources and skills to a variety of different occupations, roles and services. Finding out what sets us a part from our peers and makes us unique, is crucial to traverse the corporate culture, entrepreneurship world, and a variety of different avenues. We will find clarity on our unique skills and learn to combine them with our passions to create businesses, employment opportunities, and other ways, to generate an income doing what we love.

005: Branding & Packaging

Creating a Mission and Vision that is expressed through every channel of one’s Business: Branding and Packaging extends far beyond the materials that go into wrapping and preparing products. Getting clarity on the mission behind the brand and being able to express this through all means of design, including but not limited to, packaging, logo design, web and digital design, as well as promotional and marketing materials; is essential in building a cohesive and congruent business model. In this course we will learn the ways to identify the “what” of our brand offering, the “how” it excels next to competitive products, and the most important “why” behind our brand. Understanding why we do what we do and why we create what we create, allows us to then express this meaning through our designs in all areas of our products and business.  It is here through the visual elements that our audience can connect with our business and feel moved to be a part of the larger vision.

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Course Training: 001 Leadership Performance

Course Training: 002 Location Independent Businesses

Course Training: 003 ``DWxDG`` Business Models

Course Training: 004 Modern Entrepreneurship

Course Training: 005 Branding & Packaging

About the Professor

Mr. Diamond is a World-Wide Thought-leader, Entrepreneur, and Speaker.

He teaches students how to align their skills and passions to generate the businesses of their dreams.

His 5+ years of entrepreneurial teaching has led him to instructing Government Departmental Staff of Anguilla, leading travel tours across countries such as Costa Rica, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Belize, as well as run business retreats for students around the world in places such as Croatia and San Diego. He believes all persons deserve to create a life and business of their dreams, and when students can hone their unique skill sets, combine them with their passions, and adopt a model of leadership performance, everyone earns a fair hand at creating the life and business of their dreams.



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